Have a Super Fantastic Evening – Hang in there a bit longer if you are also back at work since Monday after a Two Week Holiday for the 1’st time in 2018 because we run all our businesses Day, After hours, during the night (Fortunate enough to be able to now work from home even still working 28 Hour work days to make it all work and getting rid of that little motha-fracking debt demon stuck on our shoulders but worth it for 6 days a week to at least enjoy Sundays Thanks Gods for Sundays – took a long time to get here 25 years starting off with R400 gross income a week)

Please note the logo on some of the Gorgeous Lesbian Couple Photos is old – gay.dating27.co.za is solely now for Gay or Male Guys 🙂

We finally have your own Lesbian Site Ladies 🙂 so do not go to the Gay button but choose the Lesbian Button – Enjoy but sorry for using photos of way back when when we began building/trying to build a Dating Site that will scratch each and every itch and loads of Niches – Regular – Naughty – Casual and list keeps growing.

If you have a problem with the loooooooooooooooooooooong list of Dating Sites on www.dating27.co.za and are not a Gold Member yet or Have not upgrade yet – Please do not take this the wrong way but we can unfortunately only currently take feedback regards to what irritates Paid Customers to make changes where possible.

As soon as all our Debt is paid for the past 25 Years – then we will slowly but surely try to make everything as free as possible so that anybody can enjoy Gold Membership For Free.

A lot of Bills to Pay and accounts – We make sure www.dating27.com debit orders goes off (Due to the most important and then second hand car we have, solar on lease still for 20 years – list goes on and on and on) and the account depleted by the second each month but getting better slowly but surely and not make more debt to rather settle as much as we can.

You have nothing to worry about honestly: Dating27 is our “Baby” Growing up nicely and getting better looking with age instead of all wrinkly and Silver with Grey Hair

We will still be here for all you Singles until the day we die – hopefully by age 105 if nothing packed up Body Wise LOL

Anyway – sorry for such long posts, but sharing – hoping other people will try the same.

As stated way back when both of us as Owners of Chat27 and Dating27 started off at the age of 14 with a very low amount of Gross Income per month. Gradually trying to climb the ladder to get a better life – Thank you ABSA whom was our Banking Institution back then. But when we got Married and my surname changed Being two Men that married and ABSA Bank refused to change my surname on my account to my hubbies surname. Please note I am not blaming ABSA at all, very happy at FNB for years now and very lucky I hear so much good news and what FNB could offer me where the other one could not (not naming the branch and staff member that was so rude and other branches of absa)

But Thank you FNB for borrowing us tons of Money – now to still pay it all back, hopefully putting a large dent in it by the end of 2020 when we are going to go live in a caravan – on the outskirts of Philadelphia on a empty plot. We still need to come up with R150000 which we do not have at all LOL

Hoping FNB can then borrow us those funds for the last debt we will ever make again – pay everything off over the next few years, even if it takes 7 years still living in A Caravan on the empty plot with a wall around us. Will see next year what we can afford to get out of cheap rental home which is our home and office because we have all our businesses on the Clouds – no staff or phones needed due to support tickets gets logged and we do all the designs and sites ourselves which saves a ton of money.

You will see – learning as we learn ourselves and learning from our mistake if we made the mistake the second time round, then stop doing those errors and know then what to do in those cases.

Thank you Singles!!! Love you long time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Early B Leka Djy Unofficial Music Video

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